Vol XXV, No. 49.. | (January-June 1960) | [EXHAUSTED]


The number forty-nine of the magazine  includes articles on Jorge Luis Borges, César Vallejo, Vicente Huidobro, Ruben Dario, Jaime Torres Bodet and Manuel de Castro, among others. Among its partners are: Enrique Anderson Imbert, Frank Dauster, Luis Alberto Sanchez, Reulet Anibal Sanchez, Guillermo de Torre and Saul Sibirsky.

Vol XXV, No. 50.. | (July-December 1960) | [EXHAUSTED]


This issue contains articles on Bernal Diaz del Castillo, Ruben Dario and Miguel de Unamuno, the poetry of José Gorostiza, the Guatemalan novel and in the "Documents" section, the correspondence between José Rodo and Juan Ramon Jimenez rescues.

Among his collaborators include Julio Caillet-Bois, Frank Dauster, Seymour Menton, Estuardo Nunez, Ivan Schulman, Estuardo Núñez and Donald Fegelquist.

Vol XXVI, No. 51.. | (January-June 1961) | [EXHAUSTED]


The studies collected in this issue address topics such as creationism, poetry of Amado Nervo, development of literary magazines in Latin America, the literary controversy over "The ruins of Pachacamac" and creationism. In the "Documents" section, Allen Phillips rescues some texts of Ramon Lopez Velarde oversights.

David Bary involved, John Englekirk, Luis Monguió, Ned Davison and David Bary, among others.

Vol XXVII, No. 52.. | (July-December 1961) | [EXHAUSTED]


In this issue articles on gaucho poetry, the poetry of Vicente Huidobro and the Hispanic criollismo are presented. In the "Documents" section, playback of the conference on Joaquim Nabuco to give Ruben Dario in the city of Rio de Janeiro in 1912 stands out.

Among others, collaborate Jose Juan Arrom, Davis Bary, John Englekirk, Merlin Forster, Anibal Sanchez Reulet and Arnold Chapman.

Vol XXVIII, No. 53.. | (January-June 1962) | [EXHAUSTED]


This issue offers the latest installment of John Englekirk study in literary magazines in Latin America, whose previous installments were published in numbers 51 and 52 of the  Revista Iberoamericana . Articles modernism, Vicente Huidobro, a structural analysis also appear Dona Barbara  by Romulo Gallegos, a bibliography and Leopoldo Lugones, and a study of Uruguayan art magazine Bohemia.

Miscellaneous This issue features collaborations with David Bary, John Englekirk, Luis Monguió and Alfredo Roggiano, among others.

Vol XXVIII, No. 54.. | (July-December 1962) | [EXHAUSTED]


This issue features articles on the Panamanian writer Ricardo Miró, Manuel Gutiérrez Nájera and José Martí as the initiators of modernism, the city of Buenos Aires in the work of Jorge Luis Borges, the stage production of Xavier Villaurrutia, and a reading of Sab Gertrude Gómez de Avellaneda, among others. A bibliography of the works of Augusto D'Halmar prepared by George Smith is also presented. Involved in this issue: Boyd Carter, Octavio Corvalan, Isis Molina de Galindo, Luis Alberto Sanchez and Helena Ponsetti perches.

Vol XXIX, No. 55.. | (January-June 1963) | [EXHAUSTED]


This issue presents an extensive record of Spanish American literary magazines that complements the study of John Englekirk appeared in numbers 51, 52 and 53 of the  Revista Iberoamericana.

Studies on the River Plate National Theatre, Jorge Luis Borges, Eduardo Barrios, and also offer novel Martin Rivas  Alberto Blest Gana, among other topics. In the "Documents" unpublished poems of Juan del Valle y Caviedes published.

Among his collaborators are Julio Duran Cerda, Juan Carlos Ghiano, Angel Vazquez Bigi, Raul Silva Castro, Donald McGrady and Daniel Reedy.

Vol XXIX, No. 56.. | (July-December 1963) | [EXHAUSTED]


In the fifty-six of the magazine  articles on José Martí and Julián del Casal, the avant - garde magazine presents  Poetry Buenos Aires (1950-1960) , the novel Don Segundo Sombra  by Ricardo Güiraldes, and the literary production of Francisco Rojas Gonzalez , among other topics.

In the "Documents" section, an unknown ode Fernando Calderon is published.

David Lagmanovich involved, Felix Lizaso, Ivan Schulman, Joseph Sommers and Pablo Avila, among others.

Vol XXX, No. 58.. | (July-December 1964) | [EXHAUSTED]


In this issue studies Eduardo Barrios, José María Chacón y Calvo, published the Journal of progress , the Puerto Rican story, the Paraguayan literature, and literature and Luis Durand.

Monguió collaborate Luis Raul Silva Castro, Carlos Ripoll, Ruben Babeiro Saguier and Jose Olivio Jimenez, among others.

Vol XXXI, No. 59.. | (January-June 1965) | [EXHAUSTED]


In this issue of the Journal  papers are collected in tribute to Alfonso Reyes presented at the conference of the "Modern Language Association" (MLA) in 1964. These studies analyze the critical contributions of Mexican writer and essayist. In turn, in the "Documents" section, James Willis Robb rescues an unpublished story of Alfonso Reyes, entitled "Samurai".

In the "Studies" section articles on Argentina Generation of 1837, are presented  Cronopios  and Famas by Julio Cortazar, and Julian del Casal and modernism, among other topics.

Participate Juan Marichal, Juan Lovelucuk, Manuel Durand, Esperanza Figueroa, Jose Ferrer Canales and Luis Leal, among others.

Vol XXXI, No. 60.. | (July-December 1965) | [EXHAUSTED]


The number sixty of the Magazine  presents studies and notes on various topics such as the sources of the Faust  of Estanislao del Campo, the first novel Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda, and death in the poetry of César Vallejo, among others. A bibliography on Carlos Fuentes is also published.

Ruben Benitez collaborate, Saul Sibirsky, Juan Loveluck, Norma Perez Martin, Heitor Martins and Otto Olivera, among others.

Vol XXXII, No. 61.. | (January-June 1966) | [EXHAUSTED]


This issue features articles on Huidobro and creationism,  Maria  Jorge Isaacs, Ricardo Palma and romantic poetry,  the President of Miguel Angel Asturias, and Faustus  of Estanislao del Campo, among others. In addition, unpublished letters of Amado Nervo, Ruben Dario and Enrique Gómez Carrillo published.

Among his collaborators have Enrique Anderson Imbert, Carlos Navarro, Mireya Jaimes-Freyre and Brenton Campbell.

Vol XXXII, No. 62.. | (July-December 1966) | [EXHAUSTED]


Included in this number collaborations Ernesto Mejia Sanchez, Jorge Icaza, Gonzalez Pablo Rodas, Esperanza Figueroa, Eileen Connolly, Berler and Rosa Beatriz Abella, among others.

The studies deal with various issues such as literary relations, Nadaísta movement in Colombia, Mariano Azuela, Hopscotch by Julio Cortazar,  Gleaming the water  of Agustín Yañez, and Jubilo and Fugue  Emilio Ballagas.

In the "Documents" section, Beatrice Berler presents a series of unpublished letters of Mariana Azuela for assessing the work of the writer and chronicler of the Mexican Revolution. In turn, Rosa Abella published an important bibliography on the novel published in Cuba and abroad by Cuban writers, from 1959 to 1965.

Vol XXXIII, No. 64.. | (July-December 1967) | [EXHAUSTED]

Tribute to Ruben Dario, 1867-1967

Alfredo Roggiano, ed.

This number in tribute to Ruben Dario is composed of thirteen studies, four notes and the rescue of a number of unknown texts of the writer. many aspects of the work of Darius and trace the genealogy of his critical reception treated.

Collaborate Jorge Guillén, Ernesto Mejia Sanchez, Juan Loveluck, Ruben Benitez, Otto Olivera, Raimundo Lida, Richard Jackson and Raul Silva Castro, among others.

Vol XXXIV, No. 65.. | (January-April 1968) | [EXHAUSTED]


The articles gathered here deal with various topics such as the topics of nationality and originality in Brazilian literature, narrative prose of Borges,  Hopscotch  by Julio Cortazar,  Son of man  Augusto Roa Bastos,  The Green House  Mario Vargas Llosa, and on heroes and tombs of Ernesto Sabato. In turn, the correspondence between Pedro Henriquez Urena and Felix Lizaso is published.

The issue features collaborations Jaime Alazraki, Urte Lehnerdt, Juan Loveluck, Estuardo Nuñez, Esperanza Figueroa-Amaral, Carlos Ripoll, Fernado Joy, and Eugenio Chang-Rodríguez, among others.

Vol XXXIV, No. 66.. | (July-December 1968) | [EXHAUSTED]

Tribute to Max Henriquez Urena

The articles offered in this issue deal with the reception of Jose Marti and Ruben Dario in Central America twice in the fiction of Julio Cortazar, disintegration in the tales of Juan Rulfo, orphanhood man in the poetry of César Vallejo, and Argentina novel from 1950-1960, among other issues.

Angela Dellepiane participate, Julio Hernandez Miyares, James Higgins, Morello-Frosch Marta, Lota Spell, James Higgins and Alberto Andino, among others.

Vol XXXV, No. 67.. | (January-April 1969) | [EXHAUSTED]

Homage to Miguel Angel Asturias

Alfredo Roggiano, ed. 

This issue is devoted to Miguel Angel Asturias, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1967. The twelve studies that make up the issue examine the production of the famous Guatemalan writer, with special critical attention to his novel The Lord President . At the same time, several of the items account for receipt internationally.

Rodriguez Monegal collaborate, Enrique Anderson Imbert, Carlos Solorzano, Seymour Menton, Raul Leiva, Jean-Louis Dumas, Paul Verdevoye and Giuseppe Bellini, among others.

Vol XXV, No. 68.. | (January-June 1960) | [EXHAUSTED]


The articles gathered in this miscellaneous issue dealing with topics such as current trends in Brazilian literature,  Trilce  Cesar Vallejo, the narrative of Juan Carlos Onetti, trends borgeana criticism, Ceremonies  and 62 model kit  of Julio Cortazar, among others .

Collaborate Wilson Martins, Enrique Martinez Lopez, Eduardo Neale-Silva, Jaime Concha, Julio Ortega and Guillermo Sucre, among others.

Vol XXXV, No. 69.. | (September-December 1969) | [EXHAUSTED]


Studies of this issue have critical issues of great interest such as Hopscotch  by Julio Cortazar, Enrique Molina, José Martí, the sonnet "Caracol" Ruben Dario, and the Mexican novel of the past quarter century

Participate Gerald Martin, Fernando Joy, Emir Rodríguez Monegal and Julio Ortega, among others.


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Vol XXX, No. 57.. | (January-June 1964) | [EXHAUSTED]

Homage to Leopoldo Lugones

Alfredo Roggiano, ed.

To mark the ninetieth anniversary of the birth of Argentine writer Leopoldo Lugones (1874-1938), the Latin American Magazine  presents six studies that offer new critical approaches to the work of this writer. Lugones different texts such as Golden Mountains, Garden Twilights, Lugones, The Gaucho War and studied Strange forces.

In the "Studies" section works on Ruben Dario, José Martí and Manuel Gutiérrez Nájera appear.

Frank collaborate Dauster, Marta Morello Frosch, Robert Scari, Anna Ashhurst and Carlos Navarro, among others.